Platypus Song

By Don Spencer

I thought I should write you a platypus song
So I sat on the bank of an old billabong
And decided to wait until one came along
So that I could describe it to you

But you know, platypi are incredibly shy
And I waited an age for one to swim by
The stars were beginning to appear in the sky
I was just about ready to leave

When suddenly, there was a plop in the water and a shape appeared
The ripples spread and as it neared
A head bobbed up and two eyes peered
A platypus at last

The platypus is a magical creature
Cause when you examine it feature by feature
It seems Mother Nature is out to defeat you
In trying to describe it at all

She's an excellent swimmer, she glides as she goes
Aided by flippers attached to the toes
Where there should be a nose there's a thing I suppose
That could best be described as a beak

But don't be mislead, she isn't a bird
Though she's hatched from an egg, she's not feathered, she's furred
She's at home in the water but as far as I've heard
She lives in a hole in the ground

An amazing assortment of pieces and bits
Though it doesn't seem possible you have to admit
That somehow or other the pieces all fit
In a marvellous thing called a platypus

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