Philip Naylor, Ben Roberts, Derek Weeks, 1998

What has...
A mouth but no tongue,
A bed but no doona,
A bank but no money,
A source but no mustard,
Fish but no chips,
Seals but no cracks,
A current but no raisins,
Mud but no cakes,
Sand but no golf courses,
Rips but no tears,
Rocks but no paper or scissors,
Creeks but no hinges,
Boats but no ocean-going vessels,
Reeds but no brass instruments,
Fishermen but no surfies,
A delta but no Greek letters,
Roaring water but no Lions,
Piers but no smoking,
Anglers but no trigonometry,
Speeding water but no police radars,
Bridges but no trolls,
Nuclear waste but no Russians,
Boat sheds but no tables for five,
Swimmers but no steroids,
Rapids but no hares,
Water flowing to the mouth without a glass, tap or drinking fountain,
Freshwater otters but no salt water ones,
River cruises but no ocean voyages
And river water but no sea water?

Notes on the riddle

If you read more than a few lines before you worked it out then you may need to brush up on your riddle skills. If you still don't understand the joke then just click 'back' on your browser and forget it.

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